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About DMC Central Karachi

DMC Central Karachi 

Dmc Central Karachi is heart of Karachi.


Pakistan's federal government introduced local government reforms in the year 2000, which eliminated the previous third tier of government (administrative divisions) and raised the fourth tier (districts) to become the new third tier. The effect in Karachi was the dissolution of the former Karachi Division and the merger of its five districts to form a new Karachi City-District with eighteen autonomous constituent towns including New Karachi Town


  • 27 Private Schools
  • Farooq-e-Azam Islamic Mission School Sector 11-G
  • 6 Public Schools
  • 6 Public Colleges
  • 1 Public Technical College


  • 16 Private Hospitals A good hospital is Godhra Shaikh Muslim Medical Center in Sector 11-G
  • 3 Public Hospitals

207 Mosques

  • Jama Masjid Quba Kalyana Town North karachi
  • Markazi Islamia Masjid
  • Masjid Ibrahim khalilullah
  • Jama Masjid Farooq-e-Azam Sector 11-G
  • Rehmania Masjid Sector 11-G
  • Masjid-e-Aqsa Sector 11-F
  • Jamiah Masjid Muslim Town
  • Masjid Babul Islam
  • Masjid Furqania
  • Masjid Bilal
  • Masjid Umar
  • Masjid Ali
  • 10 Imambargah
  • 4 Churches
  • 1 Mandir


  • Arif Hussain (Shaheed) Model Park (11-B, North Karachi)
  • Nasir Hussain (Shaheed) Model Park (11-G, North Karachi)
  • Muhammad Shareef (Shaheed) Park (5/E, New Karachi)
  • Nazir Hussain (Late) Model Park (11-B, North Karachi-Kamran)
  • Abu Nasar Park (Late) Model Park (Kalyana Town, North Karachi)


  • Shahrah-e-Khursheed Begum (Nagan Roundabout to Surjani Roundabout)
  • 7000 Road (Godhra Camp to Allah Wali Roundabout chowrangi)
  • 9000 Road (Gabol Town to Saba Roundabout)
  • 5200 Road (Sindh Government Hospital to Kala School)
  • 5200 Road (Bashir Chowk to Sindhi hotel)


  • Industrial Area Police Station
  • Khowaja Ajmair Nagri Police Station
  • sir syed police ststion
  • New Karachi Police Station
  • Bilal Colony Police Station


2500 Industries


  • Godhra Timber Market
  • Chand Market (Sector 5-G)
  • Gosht / Sabzi Market (Sector 5-J, Sindhi Hotel)
  • Lal Market (Sector 5-F)
  • Mutahida Bazar (Sindhi Hotel, New Karachi)
  • Usmania Bazar (Sector 5-B)
  • U.P. Sarafa Market (Sector 11-E)
  • Sir Syed Market (Sector 11-C)
  • Roshan Travel and Tours (Sector 11-I)
  • Bashir Chowk (Sector 5-G)